The Dunbar Alumni Association Inc 

Est. 1978

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          The first successful attempt to form the Dunbar Alumni Association and to substantiate the commitment-expressed by the class of 1940 was in 1946. A small group of Alumni came together in May of 1946 and formally declared that we who had been fortunate enough to graduate from Dunbar. We  should commit ourselves to support our alma mater in any way possible. The readjustment to post war living with all of this attending expectation demanded the attention of even the most committed  member of the group. Subsequently, the slow demise of the first Dunbar Alumni Association was due greatly to the many frustrating experiences. That First Association lasted three years. However, it was not until 1976 that another group of alumni came to together and formed the current Dunbar Alumni Association Inc.

            In addition to the usual officers, a special committee was formed and assigned the task of writing the constitution. In March of 1977, the document was ratified by the body. At the same time, permanent officers were elected and the interim officers were dismissed.

           After the constitution had been amended we officially became The Dunbar Alumni Association Inc est 1978.‚Äč